Study Resources


I’ve always believed that learning is a life-long adventure, and that quality resources can help God’s people to explore their faith and grow in exciting ways. I’ve created this space to be a place where I can share study materials with you to support your journey of faith. I’ve created all of the resources that I’m posting here, and am simply asking you to share where you’ve have found them if you decide to pass them along to other people. You may print one copy for your own personal use.

These resources have been created as a part of my ongoing ministry as a pastor; and I’m hoping that, if you find these materials useful, you’ll consider supporting the ministry of Christ’s Lutheran Church by sending us a financial gift that will support our life together as a community in Christ. If you’d like to send a contribution, you can electronically send us your gift through this link: Support Christ’s Lutheran Church ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Resources and Faith-Building Materials

Study Guide: Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s “Life Together”

Welcome to the Table of the Lord – Helping Children Understand Holy Communion